Growth track

Growth Track Diagram

Here at LifePointe, we want to challenge you to take the next step toward spiritual growth. To help you in your journey, we’ve designed a pathway to guide you: The Growth Track. The Growth Track is a class system that will encourage and teach you how to get to the next level. Our logo symbolizes the pathway. As you make it through the three steps, we encourage you to bring other people along to experience and grow in their relationship with God and others. 

Growth Track Classes

Step 1: Connection Pointe Class

In our Connection Pointe Class, you'll learn why we do what we do, what we're about, and how you can be a part of our family here at LifePointe. This class is offered the second Sunday of each month after our third service.

Step 2:

Our Grow Class consists of  teaching you the ways to connect and grow with one another and God. We can also help you find your own Grow Group. Class dates are TBD.

Step 3:

In the Go Class, you will learn the volunteer opportunities available. We will help you learn how God has uniquely created you to be part of His story. Class dates are TBD.